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Angol feladat

Nagyon szépen kérlek hogy segíts nekem, angol feladatban kellene, a tanárnőm feladta nyárra hogy dolgozzuk ki, év elejére pedig meg kell tanulni, de nem megy a kidolgozása, nagyon szépen megköszönném ha segítesz, és köszönöm hogy végigolvastad, további szép napot neked! )
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Na igen, ez már egy picivel nehezebb úgy, hogy nem ismerlek se téged, se a környezeted, se a barátaid. Itt már tényleg csak példákat lehet írni, viszont ha valamelyikben kell segítség, akkor szólj!

26-27-30. Ezt a hármat mindenképp begyakorolnám, ha már tudnám melyik nap lesz a felelés.
- It's ...

- For breakfast, I prefer lighter things because I can't eat much in the morning, but I don't want to leave the house with an empty stomach. I usually eat yoghurt, an apple or things like that. I eat sandwiches at school, and after I get home, I have lunch, which usually contains tomato soup and cooked chicken with rice. For dinner, I eat some bread with cheese, toppings and vegetables.

- School starts at eight o'clock and finishes at three p.m.

- During the week I like reading and listening to music, and on the weekends I like hiking and going on longer trips.

- I never check them because I get notified every time something arrives, so it's unnecessary.

- I chat every day, usually with my friends, but I rarely chat with my family.

- Yes, I do. I need to because I can't do every homework on paper and on my phone.

- I don't download information, just search for it on the internet, but I download my favourite music every time, so I can listen to them everywhere.

- I never share too much information about myself, and I don't post and send any pictures I won't show to my parents.

- I find reading, listening to music and walking relaxing, but writing my feelings down, running, and cleaning are tiring.

- During the summer, I always had time to think about everything that happened to me, which helped to clear them, but now I feel I don't have enough time to do this.

- I enjoy that the world is big and transport is modern, so we can see the beautiful places in real, not just pictures.

- That everything has an end, and nothing can exist forever.

- I prefer comedies because they're funny, and everyone can enjoy them.

- I don't like reality shows because they act in most of them, and I see a written story, which is not realistic.

- I'd like to watch an action film I haven't seen before with special effects and good actors.

44. Ide a tankönyv harmincadik oldala alapján kell valamit írni, de nem tudom mi van ott.

- I'm good at Maths, I can calculate things easily.

- I never exercise at home, but we have five P.E. lessons a weak where we run a lot.

- I'm not a member, but it would be cool to join one if there's a good community.

- I prefer ... because that's the one I can do the best out of all.

- There's a park near us with benches and green grass, we usually go there with my friends. We love it because it's quiet, and we can talk about everything.

- I watch films/series and I'm chatting with my friends.

- My best friend is ... ..., but we call him/her .... He/She is 15, and he/she is around 160 centimetres. I wouldn't say he/she is slim or fat, I think he/she is normal. He/She has shorter brown hair, it's around his/her shoulder, and brown eyes. He doesn't have a moustache or a beard. She never wears earrings or a necklace.