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Ahhoz, hogy mások kérdéseit és válaszait megtekinthesd, nem kell beregisztrálnod, azonban saját kérdés kiírásához ez szükséges!

Angol meghívó

1 Imagine you have seen this advertisement below in a newspaper. Write an invitation
to your English-speaking friend Sam. Remember to include:
• what the event is
• the date, the time and the place
• any instructions (what Sam should bring, wear, etc.)
Do you like kayaking, paintballing, orienteering or quad biking?
Come to Denby Park Estate on 2 May.
We are holding competitions in each of these extreme sports.
Be prepared for a day full of adventure.
Arrive at 9 a.m. Stay till late!
Great prizes for the winners of each competition!
Jelenleg 1 felhasználó nézi ezt a kérdést.
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Szia, ha jól értem az alsó szöveghez hasonlóan kell egy kis reklámot írni, de hogyha félreértettem ne haragudj.

Do you like drawing, painting and, sculpting?
Come to Central Park's North entrance, and we'll offer you an amazing evening full of creativity.
You have to pass up a drawing, painting, or sculpture that represents how the park makes you feel. You have 3 hours to finish and pass up your art.
The event is from 1:30 to 4:30 on February 26th. Come in clothes you don't mind getting messy in. All equipment that you may need is provided by us, you don't need to bring anything else with you.
You must pass up your applications by February 24th. You can only apply if you are between the ages of 10-15. The competition is free.
We will announce three winners by February 28th. The first three winner gets a spot in our summer camp for young artists to train their minds and get more creative.
We hope we can see you soon.
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