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Hello valaki tud segiteni?

My name's Roberto. 1-- I'm 32 and I'm from Chile.2--I'm born in Santiago and 3--I live there all my life.I'm married. My wife 4-- name's Emilia. She's from Santiago too.
5--We don't have some children. We live with Emilia's parent's in their flat and I 6---get on with them very well,but 7-----we'd like having our own place. 8----We are looking for a flat at the moment.
9---I work for a pharmaceutical company and 10--Emilia is translator.We both 11---work very hardly but luckily we 12-----don't have to do any housework.
Emilia's parents are retired, so 13---they look the house after.I don't have 14-----many free time but when I have the chance I---15 enjoy doing sport.I used to play tennis,but now I-------16 don't have time enough.I'm learning English because I need it for my job.My writing is OK but I---17 want get better at speaking.I---18 have to spaek to many clients in English and I-----19 make often mistakes. Next summer I'm-------20 going to go to the UK 21-------for do a business English course.
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My name Roberto's . I am 32 old years and I was from Chile. I am born in Santiago and I was living here all my life. I refuse to be married. My wife name is Emilia's. She from Santiago
We non have children. We live with Emilia's parent's in their flat. We must like to have our own place. We are look for a flat now.

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I was born...
My wife's name is...
We don't have any children.
Emilia's parents...
Emilia is a translator...
Enough time.
I often make mistakes