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írj egy rövid történetet , ami legyen minimum 15 mondat: múlt időben (past simple, past continuous).
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Szia! Mindegy, hogy miről szól?

I was sitting in front of my computer when it started snowing. The sky hadn’t lit up yet, it was still really early in the morning. The tiny snowflakes started falling slowly, then, as more and more of them landed on Earth from the dark grey clouds, their size got bigger too. It was a beautiful scenery. I often caught myself not paying attention to class and laying my eyes on the white landscape. In a very little time, we had a huge amount of snow in our garden. Suddenly, around the end of my first lesson, I noticed something moving in the whiteness. It was small and black. As soon as I finished my class, I ran to the garden to look for the creature. Since it was so little, it couldn't move fast in the huge snow so I could easily find it. As i approached it, I heard it was meowing. I found a kitten. It was a she. Her mother probably abandoned her, or she wandered away from her. I picked it up and brought it inside. The tiny cat was freezing, so I wrapped her in a warm towel and gave her some food. This is how Faith brought me, and my cat, Snowflake together.