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Két angol érettségi levél 2007.május

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Dear Amelina,
I really can feel your problems. When i was 17 i had so much problems with learning but never forget that everything is possible. Maybe because of my age i will be able to give some advices to you.
At first, you have to make a progress or a system into your life. Write this system, including the breakfast,lunch,dinner,relaxing and soon on with the time. I think relaxing before and after learning is very important. You also have to chill during learning. You can do it with listening to music, lay in bed or eating snack.
There are some vitamins in fruits and vegetables which can help you to concentrate, for example: apple,banana,ananas,plum,peach and of course carrot. You must not drink cola, fanta and any other junkdrink. And please keep away from junk food like hamburgers hotdogs and so on.
When I was 18 I tought that the school leaving exam is the hardest exam what a person can write but it is not. At the university there were much way harder exams.
Best wishes,
és a neved.


Hi Jerry,
I would like to know some information about this game. I am writing to you because I am interested in Zoo tycoon game for my little cousin.
I have a 12 year old cousin and I would like to surprise him with this gift. But before I purchase it I have to know some facts about this game.
At first, i would like to know what level of English is needed to play this game. Of course the money does not matter but it would be great if you could tell me how much does it cost? And last but not least, how the game will be delivered?
I am waiting for your earliest answer. Write me back as soon as you can.
Your sincerely,
és a neved