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Angol email 100 szóban

Your British friend,Alex,has invited you to her house for Easter.Write Alex an email to:explain why cant accept the invitation,describe how you and your family spend Easter,invite Alex to spend Easter at your home.Begin your email like this:Hi Alex,Thanks for your email.
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Hi Alex,
Thanks for your email. I am really happy, that you invited me, but unfortunately I can't go.
You know that I have a brother, who will be 10 on this day. I promised to my parents, that I am going with him to a play ground as long as they decorate the house and my grandparents arrive. It's a surprise party for him. We always celebrate his birthday, but it's a special one. It's on one day with Easter and that's the 10th, it contains 2 numbers. I think he would be really happy, if you come too, and you could spend Easter here. We usually paint eggs, look for chocolate rabbits, and eggs in the garden, and cook a lot. The green cookie that you saw on my Instagram (Facebook) and you wanted to taste was made last Easter. We could do it together this time, and you could show me your favourite one. What do you think?
I'm waiting for your answer!