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Angol szoveg

Szobeli feleleshez kene egy egy rovid szoveg ezekbol a temakbol
Talk about a school you used to go to
Describe your ideal house
Talk about a close friend (where and when you met, how often you meet etc)
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Iskolás: When the time is good with a bicycle I come into a school. But in winter and when the time is bad then with a bus I come in. My bus leaves at the time of seven clocks in the morning generally. With a bicycle though seven clocks I start at the time of twenty minutes.

Házról: I like the family flats. Big prevaricates and with a little dog. According to me the best one if there is even a plus floor. I like big garden. We can play here. Into the house I would like a big kitchen and sure a big bedroom. The living-room the family's will be then.

Iam going to discuss about my primary school namely Sir.C.R.R public school.It is one the famous and good school, which is located in the Eluru city, India and takes 18kms from my village.I studied in this school up to my 5th standard and the syllabus taught here is central syllabus. I used to get good ranks and teachers are from kerala state and they are majors in distinct fields.I really enjoyed my schooling with my friends by playing different games in play ground, coco is one of the best Indian games, which we used to play almost every day for one hour except weekends.To conclude, the school is well-established that contain all sort of facilities , which os necessary for school.

If I would be given a chance, I would like to live in a house that is neither too big nor too small, but with just the right size, where there is just one or maybe two bedrooms. I would like the interiors to be simple with a touch of oriental design like having window panes made out of shells and having tables and beds that are almost parallel to the floor. I really don't like to stuff my dream house with too many things because it will just look too congested. Also, I wouldn't prefer a house with walls that are painted with dark hues, but I would like to have its walls painted with bright and a variety of colours to make it more fabulous. I'd like my dream house to be built on top of a mountain. I just love the cool breeze and the very peaceful ambiance of living on a mountainous area.

The friend I like to spend time with is Steven. I met him when I was only 8 years old and was in primary school. After that, our intimacy grew up and we became best friends. One day he forgot to bring his book to school and that day I helped him with my expire books. After that, we talked for a long after school and our friendship started to begin. We went to college together and then got admitted to different Universities. Since we were studying in the same city, we can meet each other and spend time together.

We are yet to finish our graduation and busy with our own stuff but whenever we get vacation we spend time together. Since our hometown is same, we go there together and thus we meet each other at least twice in a month. He is a helpful and talented friend who helps people and always wished best for people. He is studying Mathematics and he has a talent in Mathematics. Sometimes he explains some complex mathematical theories in a very simple and interesting way. He is passionate about reading books and that makes a good bonding with me. We often exchange our thought and criticism about books and politics.

I like to spend time with him because we have many common interests between us. I never feel bored spending time with him. Since we are friends for a long time, we understand each other. A good friend always extends helping hands when in need and I've found Steven by my side always. We do so many fun stuff together and help each other in our study. Good friendship, understanding and common interests make us close friends and those are the major factors for what I like to spend time with his.