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I was very optimistic when I went to meet Claire.My first impression was that she was very friendly and very extrovert.Phisically she was my type-she was quite slim and not very tall with long dark hair-very pretty.And she was funny.too. She had a great sense of humour.We laughed a lot. But the only problem was that Claire was very talkative.She talked all the time and I just listened.She wasn't interested in me.At the end of the evening I knew everything about her and she knew nothing about me.Claire was the kind of woman I could have as a friend but not as a girlfriend.
1,How did Richard feel before he met Claire?
2,What was Claire like?
3,What did she look like?
4,What was the only problem with Claire?
5,Does Richard think that Claire could be his girlfriend?

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Jack Breit,33,from Alsaca,in France,is the greatest art thief in Europe.For over six years,while he was working as a lorry driver,he stole 239 paintings from museums in France,Austria and Denmark.He went into museums just as they were closing and hid paintings under his coat.Nobody looked at him because he was wearing a security guard's uniform.Back in his apartment,where he was living with his mother,he filled his bedroom with priceless works of art.His mother,Mirelle, 53, thought all the paintings were copes.One day while they were having supper,the police arrived and took Jack to the police station.Mirelle was so angry with her son that she went to his room,took some paintings from the walls and cut them into small pieces.Others she took and threw into tha canal.Altogether she destroyed art worth 2 billion dollars.Both mother and son spent many years in prison.
1, What was Jack doing for over 6 years?
2,How many paintings did he steal?
3,Why didn't anybody look at him?
4,Who was he living with?
5,What did Mirella do when the police took Jack to the police station?
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Első szöveg:
1. He felt optimistic.
2. She was very friendly and very extrovert.
3. She looked very pretty she had a quite slim body shape, she wasn't very tall and she had long dark hair.
4. She was very talkative.
5. No he doesn't.

Masodik szoveg:

1. He was working as a lorry driver.
2. He stole 239 paintings.
3. Because he was wearing a security guard's uniform.
4. He was living with his mother.
5. She took some paintings from the walls and cut them into small pieces.