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Read the following text.
Answer the multiple-choice questions about it and choose the correct answer:A,B,CorD.
Scientists have looked at the relationship between violentfilms and children’s behaviour foryears.They are now studying the effect of computer games on children.LynHender,senio rlecturer in educational psychology,focuses on how these games influence the way teenagers think. She looked at thirteen and fourteen-year-old students playing fantasy games on computers .She found that both weak and strong students clearly used complex thinking skills .“I think we never really see the advantages of such games in education .Parents and teachers do not think of these as being educationally useful,”DrHendersaid.
I think we only see the aggression and violence in them.Of course,some games are like that.But the majority are non-violent games that are good for developing the mind. ”Thestudents played a game called“ GetTheMoney, ”in which a group have to make money in various ways .For this game you need to think in almost the same way that you would in a sports game. “This is not an easy game,...actually,you have to use logic as well as changing how you think.”DrHenderstated.
Teachers were surprised to see that teenagers whom they thought were weak students were as successful as their stronger classmates.Sometimes they were ever better.“One weaker student completed a complex card game in which you had about nine different things to remember, ”DrHendersaid.“I discovered she did it very easily ,but some of the students I thought were strong had problems .I found that none of the students had any problems concentrating for a long time.They were determined to understand the game and get it right.
DrHender concluded that the games used the same sort of strategies that were very valuable in classrooms .Teachers could try to make use of these games and design tasks based on them for students in class.‘Computers are not just a home leisure thing,’ she said.
1,Dr Lyn Hender is mainly interested inhow.
..Afilms cause children to be violent.
Bcomputer games affect the minds of the young.
Clittle research exists on computer games
.Dto compare computer games and films
2,.According to Dr Hender, parentsbelieve computer games..
.Aare too difficult for many children
.Bare often made in order to educate chidlren
.Care not a proper part of education
.Ddon’t involve thinking.
3,Dr Hender says most computergames..
.Aare violent and aggressive
.Bare for children, not adults
.Cimprove the thinking skills of their users
.Dare bad for children.
4,.Dr Hender says “Get The Money”.
..Ais sold as a sports game
.Btells children that earning money is good
.Chelps children understand the value of money
.Dhelps children think in different ways.
5,.According to Dr Hender weakerstudents are..
.Ajust as good at the game
.Bable to concentrate better.
Cgood at card games
.Dable to keep in mind nine things at once.
6,.Dr Hender says that teachersshould..
.Amake their own computer programs
.Bplan activities based on computer games
.Cgive homework which needs a computer
.Dmake sure every student has a computer in class
7,.Overall, this article is about,..
.Athe educational value of computer games
.Bthe effect children have on the computer industry.
.Cwhat parents and teachers think of violent computer games
.Dhow computer games help stronger students.
Jelenleg 1 felhasználó nézi ezt a kérdést.
Középiskola / Idegen nyelv


1) b
2) d
3) c
4) d
5) a
6) b
7) a