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Read the text and answer the questions. Write complete answers.
Country profile: Morocco
Morocco is one of North Africa's oldest and greatest countries. Its people are famous for friendly personalities and most visitors quickly feel very welcome in their country. That's wonderful news for people who come on a short stay to enjoy its beaches and mountains, but what about people planning to stay a little longer? What cultural rules should people know?
First of all, Morocco is a Muslim country and so Friday is the most important religious day. Shops are closed then and often on Thursday, too. The other important date is Ramadan. At this time of year, Muslims mustn't eat between the beginning and the end of the day. When night begins, many people have an enormous meal with their family and this is a great experience if you are invited to someone's home.
If your Moroccan friends do ask you to come round, you should bring a present of cakes or flowers for the wife of the family. When you arrive, Moroccans usually shake hands as a greeting and do not kiss strangers. Remember to take off your shoes at the front door, too! They also often wash their hands before dinner, so don't be surprised if you are given a bowl of water before the meal.
When eating, people use their fingers and a piece of bread to take food. But you mustn't eat food with your left hand – only your right. And one thing you should definitely do while you're in the country is enjoy a cup of mint tea. People offer it to you everywhere in Morocco – and it's delicious! 1 1Why do many tourists visit Morocco? 2 When are the shops not open?3 What mustn't Muslims do in the daytime in Ramadan?4 What should you bring to a family meal? 5 What do Moroccans do when they say 'hello'?6 What item of clothing do you have to remove before you go into a Moroccan's house?
7 What part of your body mustn't you use at dinner?8 What do Moroccans like to drink?
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1. Because it has beaches and mountains.
2. Shpos are closed on Thursday and Friday.
3. They mustn't eat between the beginning and the end of the day.
4. Yous hould bring cake as a present or flowers for the wife of the family.
5. They shake your hands but they don't kiss strangers.
6. Your shoes.
7. You mustn't use your left hand, you must use only your right hand.
8. They like to drink a cup of mint tea.