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Ahhoz, hogy mások kérdéseit és válaszait megtekinthesd, nem kell beregisztrálnod, azonban saját kérdés kiírásához ez szükséges!

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Csatoltam a képet.
Előre is köszönöm a segítséget. ^^
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I'm going to help you with the essay later this afternoon if it can wait a few hours.
Let me know.

Dear Niki,
I've read your post. First of all, I had a similar situation in my school. Everybody got the same present after we did the exams.
I think the students should get a present for their hard work. We agreed with the parents about the present, so we knew that we won't get any expensive stuff. It's a good solution.
I think what you should do is ask for a less-expensive present and offer the rest of the money to charity. You don't want to waste all your hard work. I hope that your parents will agree to this and you guys will sort it out.

I hope I was able to help.

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Dear Niki,

I've read your post. A similar campaign was started in 2016 in Hungary. Graduating students of five secondary schools asked their relatives and friends to donate money set apart for graduation gifts of bouquets of flowers and plush animals to a foundation assisting handicapped people. This year there were dozens of schools participating in the effort, and lots of money has been donated by families of hundreds of students.
You will probably agree that it's more rewarding to give a gift than to get one. The new tablet you will be able to purchase for yourself if you take up a summer job for a few weeks.
The good feeling of donating to the needy will stay with you for a long time.