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Ahhoz, hogy mások kérdéseit és válaszait megtekinthesd, nem kell beregisztrálnod, azonban saját kérdés kiírásához ez szükséges!


Valaki tudna tanacsado levelet irni?!
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Vam egy minta is meg alul levan irva mit kell a levelben megfogalmazni☺☺☺

Dear Heikki,

Thank you for your letter, it was really nice hearing from you. Your plan sounds definitely exciting in my opinion.
If you ask me, taking a gap year to gain experiences in a remote place is quite advantageous if you don't mind that your graduation might be postponed by one year. Besides, I am convinced that you would find charity work eye-opening and it may put the value of work into a special new perspective to you.
Even though I have never done charity work of this kind, I would certainly consider it if the option popped up. I believe nothing could contribute more to one's English language skills than having to teach it to foreigners all by himself.
One more piece of advice to you from me would be to make sure that you ask the organisers where you would be accommodated, what they would recommend you to bring with you from home and if there is any documentation, vaccination, whatsoever to get to be able to travel to Nepal.
I hope I could suggest some useful things to you. Let me know about your decision once you have made up your mind.

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