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Valaki tudna ebben segíteni? levél / email írás angol

Task 2
You have received the following email from your Czech friend, Jan

You know I’ve been studying Chinese for years, simply out of interest, no plans for a
future career as a diplomat or anything . I’ve been attending a nearby language school
which is part of a big and prestigious language school specializing in Oriental languages in
Brno. I’m at Level 3, doing fine so far with good exam results. The lessons are fun with
wonderful teachers and a bunch of dedicated (crazy?) guys like myself.
I have just received an email from the school to say that the branch in my hometown,
Vyškov, is going to be shut down from September, which means that I can’t continue my
studies the same way as up to now. They offered me the choice of either going to Brno,
which is a 30-minute journey there and back, for my course or continuing in the form of
on-line video lessons. I’m really upset and can’t make up my mind! I can see the good and
the bad sides of both; however, I’m worried that whichever I choose it won’t be the ‘real
thing’, if you know what I mean. What do you think?

Write an email of 100-120 words to Jan in which you tell him
• whether you or any of your friends have ever had on-line video lessons,
• what the main advantage and the main disadvantage of online learning are,
• how you like the other option he has been offered,
• which one you think he should choose and why.
Begin your email like this:

Hello Jan,
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Középiskola / Idegen nyelv


Hello Jan,

I'm sorry to hear that the language school in Vyškov is going to be shut down. Regarding your dilemma about continuing your studies either in-person in Brno or online, I can understand your hesitation. I have actually taken some online courses myself, and while there are definitely advantages to them, there are also some disadvantages.

The main advantage of online learning is the flexibility it offers, as you can learn from anywhere and at any time that suits you. On the other hand, the main disadvantage is that it can be harder to stay motivated and focused when you are not in a physical classroom with other students and a teacher.

As for the option of continuing your studies in Brno, it sounds like a great opportunity as it is a prestigious language school specializing in Oriental languages. The downside is the commute, but if you have the time and means to make it work, it could be a great experience.

Personally, I would recommend you choose the option of going to Brno for your course. While online learning has its benefits, I think being in a physical classroom with a teacher and other students will provide a more immersive and engaging experience for learning Chinese. Plus, you already have experience attending classes in person and have been doing well so far.

Best of luck with your decision, and let me know what you end up choosing.

Best regards,