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a time you cheated (in a sport/game or in an exam) When and where did this happen? What were you doing? Why did you cheat? What happened in the end?

a time you had an accident or got a sports injury : When and where did this happen? What were you doing? How the accident happen? What part of your body d you hurt? what happener next? How long did it take you to recove?

time you got lost
Where were you going? How were you travelling? Why did you get lost? What happened in the end?
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A time you cheated
Years ago I had a History exam at my previous school which was important because my grade depended on it at the end of the year. I was too disorganised so I left everything to learn on the day before. I was going home from school when my mother called and said that my aunt needed help at her house. She was pregnant at that time so I just needed to get some things from the shop to the food she was cooking because she couldn't walk that much, especially with heavier things. When I got back I stayed and chatted with her while I also took part in peeling and cutting potatoes and when it was ready I ate with her and her husband who arrived home during that time. I arrived home late and I knew I couldn't learn all those things in that small time so I started writing cheat sheets. The next day we did write the test and I did use some of the information written down but nobody noticed and I got great results.

A time you had an accident or got a sports injury
Five years ago during a P.E. lesson in school, we were playing basketball. I was trying to catch the ball but instead I somehow almost broke my ring finger. At first, it just hurt but moments later it also became purple and swelled up. My mother took me to the hospital and they took an x-ray and made sure it wasn't broken. After that, they put a bandage on it and said all the important information about what to and what not to do. It got better in about two weeks.

A time you got lost
I was going to visit one of my friends during the summer who moved away some months ago when suddenly I didn't know where I was. I had never been there before but I got every important information from her and the internet containing where and which bus I should get on. I was in a hurry because the first bus was late and I saw the one I needed to get on -or I thought I needed to- so I ran there without checking the number on it, only paying attention to the time. I only realized it wasn't the one I needed when it went in a different direction than I expected. Turned out it was a bit early and mine was late so I had time to get down at the next stop, run back to where I should have stayed, and get on the right one this time. When I arrived at my friend's house I told her what happened to me and it's still a funny memory to this day.