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Szia! Szerintem ezek lesznek a jók, itt meg tudod nézni melyik igeidőből mi lesz:

1. She said that a few weeks ago her little daughter had started to speak.

2. Her brother said that if Sheila got a bank loan, she wouldn't be able to pay it back.

3. She said (that) we wouldn't need to lend our car to him next week, because he has already had his car repaired.

4. She complained (that) her neighbours were always quarrelling in the middle of night.

5. He said (that) they would have reached the coast of America by this time next month.

6. She said (that) her students hadn't dared to behave badly because they saw that she was very sad.

7. Mum said (that) you must apologise to your sister for your rude behaviour otherwise she would be very disappointed.

8. He said (that) you had better stay away from work for a couple of days if you don't want to get ill again.

9. She said that when she had entered the room, the children had been climbing out through the window.

10. She said that yesterday she didn't want to go to Jack's party because her husband was there too.

11. He said (that) his parents wish they had had more money.

12. He said if he would show your brother how this machine works.

13. His friend advised him that if he were him, he wouldn't spend all his money on her.

14. He claimed (that) Ted couldn't be at home by now as he had left the office at 5.30.

15. He said that would not postpone the meeting.