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Érvelő fogalmazás angolul

Angolul kell érvelő fogalmazást írnunk arról, hogy az öregek egyedül vannak Magyarországon. A tanár a fogalmazás címèt adta meg: The olds are alone in Hungary. Egy A4-es lap terjedelműnek kell lennie.
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Older people make up today's peak. We live in an aging society, which means that the number of older people is higher than that of young people. Fewer children are born, this is how the situation has arisen. Livelihoods are much more difficult for the older age group. The minimum wage is below 30,000 ft. In terms of living, there is very little that amount. One of their assistants is that they get a lot of discounts. In the hospitals and in the homes of the old men I do not think they will get the care they deserve, and the treatments and the benefits are very expensive.I did not answer a long while about an older lady. Those who have been on luxurious hair for 2 years. The lady was asked why he spent so much time on the boat. He replied: "Cheaper than a home of old people. I can be half a price here, 65 pounds per day, for getting all this: 1. Free meals: 10 pounds .2 I eat as much as I want to bring my breakfast to my cabin, and have a nice dump, not like in the elderly's home. 3. There is free pool, entertainment, and I wash my bedcloth.4. There is a toothpaste, a shampoo and a shower bath free of charge.5 They treat them as a guest, not like as a patient. 6. Less than the rude word!
The everyday life of the elderly is very difficult. They must struggle with the loneliness and physical pains as well. It's a lot of old people, you do not want to be burdened with your family, so try to solve the problem yourself. I think people will stay alone by the end of their lives. The kids go home one day and start their own life. They have less time to deal with older people, for career, entertainment, and rest. I think we should always break the time for the people who raised us. Unfortunately, the older ones feel that alone. If we give them more attention and understanding, the pain they have to bear is less.