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Angol fogalmazás kijavítása

It is often said that for a company's operation numerous elementary rules should be beared in mind. In many cases, in spite of the fact that the employees settle up their work self-aware, if the board did not guide them duly, the company's profit would be precarious. But what is required to run an organization effectively?
Firstly, collaboration has always been essential in order to achieve specific goals in a team. In today's business environment, managers need to be able to make right decisions, which will impact the prospects of the company. In consequence, in my opinion, managers, at an ideal company, encourage debate and take into consideration other's point of view. At a certain prestigous company, the employees was told to strive to tell frankly their opinions about the appearing issues. As a result hardly had the board gathered up quite divergent approaches and ideas the chairman of the board were concerned that the convenient solution would be picked.
  Another indispensable factor of a company has been the community. Meticulous studies pointed out that it would be incongruity to feel well at a workplace where does not exist accordance. From my perspective, it seems to me that the most decisive person at a company is the chairman of the board. Was someone to inspire the employees, they without doubt would be delighted. In addition the ideal leader seizes the opportunity to organize company parties and motivate the hired individuals with high salaries.

Taking all the arguments into account, I would say that the efficiency of a company is based on community and collaboration. Similarly it has always been indispensable the mutual respect between them. Although always appear though situations, in a affectionate environment the broad can tackle every problem.

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