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Angol fogalmazás-kijavítás

My best dancing experience

I have always showed an interest in dancing, although not all my acquaintances feel a call for this pastime activity.
In consequence, hardly had my elementary teacher offered to give dance lessons, I signed up for them. My classmates could have taken part in these lessons, but they didn't.
Before the first classes I had never experienced the sensation of graceful movements and adequate dance basic position.
Nevertheless, having become attached to dancing, I practised numerous hours on a daily basis. Moreover, the more dance types I got familiar with, the more devoted I became.  Certainly the pinnacle of my dance career was when I performed on the stage of a theater. Having ballroom dress put on, I danced ahead of hundreds of spectators. After the show my instructor claimed that each individual had been astonished and she was extremely proud of me. That event has been highly determinative, and established my perseverance and devotion.
Had I recognized sooner how beneficial and brilliant is the above mentioned activity, without doubt I must have taken up professional dancing.
I wish I could discover the hidden and amazing world of dancing!
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